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Minds Advancing Medicine



"MedMax" is a medical health care management company, presenting innovative programs covering all the complexities of healthcare systems: Information and Training Services, Developing Health Plans tailored to your needs, Human Resources in the medical world, quality control of care, various solutions to the many challenges faced during the implementation of the program of care of the various components of health etc ...

Minds Advancing Medicine

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MedMax is dedicated to enhancing the values ​​of health professionals so that through their ethics, discipline, and courtesy, they regain their nobility while ensuring the public that they assist the provision of quality care.
MedMax wants to unite the medical world so that the population is the biggest beneficiary.


MedMax Medical Multiservices

Quality service for unbeatable price

At MedMax, we take your health and that of your loved ones seriously!
Our friendly staff will ensure that you always feel comfortable.
In a family we help each other, we support each other.
Plan today your well-being and that of yours ... !!!

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Opening Hours

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Lundi - Vend: 9:30am - 3pm
Sam: 9am - 12pm
Dim: Closed

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