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MedMax Medical Services


Primary-care Station MedMax

Establishment of a care station with all the necessary equipment and essential for the functioning of the care, even temporary of the patient. The equipment offered by MedMax includes a variety of certified medical quality equipment and supplies, which will provide a clear organization of the worktop while providing maximum hygiene conditions.


Doctors of Haiti & the World

MedMax is multilingual ... We have medical staff available to foreign nationals in Haiti.


MIB (Medical In Business)

MIB (Medical In Business) is a MedMax service offering medical "pre-incubator / incubator" type training programs to encourage and guide medical staff to participate in the world of entrepreneurship.
Through its training modules, MIB will enable its users to move from idea to project by guiding them to increase their chances of success.

Medicine Kit

Medical Events Management

Presence of a medical team during public events with a high concentration of crowds.

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Organization of Mobile Clinics

Technical management of mobile clinics with your staff and / or that of MedMax.

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